Handboek Reiki - het complete boek over reiki
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The Complete Reiki Handbook – everything you want to know about the traditional Reiki method

The Reiki book ‘Complete Handbook Reiki’ is the most practical, complete and above all authoritative work on this Japanese technique for healing and well-being that has been published in the Netherlands (source: Servire)

The Reiki handbook lists the cause of over 130 of the most common ailments. This gives you insight into the essential spiritual cause of the condition. There are also additional points of attention for each condition to be treated with reiki.

Chakras are clearly described with all the functions, the effects of imbalance and special treatment positions to effectively balance each chakra.

In addition to the standard treatment positions, this extremely complete reiki book also contains many additional additional positions, with the properties for every reiki-positition, including disbalance in the mental and physical area, the chakras and the relevant organs.

The Complete Handbook Reiki tells you everything about treatment, your own practice, reiki and pregnancy, the old Japanese healing techniques, reiki and ki, working in a sensational way on blockages and your belief-system, and the history including the latest data and the interview with Mikao Usui.

Phyllis Furumoto Handboek Reiki

With a unique contribution by Phyllis Furumoto

The Complete Handbook of Reiki contains a unique contribution from Phyllis Lei Furumoto, the granddaughter of Hawayo Takata.

She writes about the most sacred aspect of the Usui Reiki method: initiation.


Authors – Complete Handbook of Reiki

The authors of the Reiki Handbook are Sunny Nederlof & Bas Buis. They have been Reiki masters for over 30 years, have trained thousands of reiki students and are the founders of the well-known Nederlof Centrum. As metaphysical and spiritual counselors, they inspire students and students in the fields of growth, healing and inner wisdom.


Introduction Phyllis Furumoto on the mystical aspect of ‘initiation’


What is Reiki?
Applications of Reiki
History of the Usui Reiki System
Interview with Mikao Usui
Reiki as a method
The form
Reiki Principles


Applying Reiki
The complete treatment
The shortened treatment
The self-treatment
Specific Applications
The distance treatment


The Reiki feeling
Reiki and Ki
Special old techniques
Meditate and ground
Reiki and the segments of the body
Essential causes
Reiki and nutrition
Reiki and Chakras
Reiki and other methods
Reiki and your own practice
Frequently Asked Questions
About the authors

The first Reiki book by Sunny Nederlof and Bas Buis was De Reiki-gids (The Reiki-Guide).

Reiki had not been in the Netherlands for very long and apart from Arie Luijerink’s Reiki book, there was actually no Reiki book in the Dutch language where a Reiki practitioner could find decent information.

The authors then decided to write down the many experiences gained in the Nederlof Center / Reiki Institute for a book. This resulted in the Reiki book ‘The Reiki Guide’. For many years this was one of the best selling Reiki books in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Years later, the authors wrote the Reiki book Reiki, de Verdieping (Reiki, the Deepening) for Reiki practitioners who had Reiki 1 and perhaps already Reiki 2 and needed more in-depth knowledge.

Finally, many reprints later when the authors spent a year in Sweden, an idea arose to write a comprehensive Reiki book where a Reiki Practitioner, including a professional, can find and search everything.

A Reiki book that not only provided information but also functioned as a real reference book. A reiki book that would also explain the real Japanese reiki techniques from the time of the founder, Mikao Usui. Completely new illustrations would also be made for this book by a professional illustrator. As the text for this book has progressed, the practical side has also been considered; that a student would have to purchase 3 reiki books to have a complete picture of the reiki method was not sensible and also expensive for the reader. Then the authors chose to merge all these parts into one 320-page Reiki book. The Complete Handbook of Reiki.

This Reiki book has since become the standard work on the traditional Reiki method.

Dutch language only
7e edition
320 pages
Hemelz Publishers
ISBN 978-90-78560-03-6
Retail price: € 28,50

For all devices
Every eBook store
ISBN 978-90-78560-03-6
Retail: € 16,95

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