Shipping costs indication

  • 5-20 copies Overvloed
    in Holland € 7,50
  • 5-20 copies Handboek Reiki
    in Holland € 10,00
  • 5-30 copies English/Spanish
    – to EU € 15,-
    – to US € 10,-
    – to UK € 10,-
  • German books: on request

Member of CB

  • If you have a Centraal Boekhuis connection it is best to order Dutch books within the CB system.

Not a member of CB?

  • If you don’t have a Centraal Boekhuis connection (like reikimasters, coaches, trainers etc) all books, Dutch, English, Spanish and German, can be ordered directly (with a discount) at Hemelz.

Member of IngramSpark

  • If you have an IngramSpark bookstore connection, please order our English and Spanish titles within their system.

Minimum order

  • Minimum order: 5 copies, with a minimum of 5 copies per language.( Please remember the shipping costs are per shipment, aka per origin).


  • Shown retail prices are excluding 30-40% discount.


  • Prices are ex. sales-tax
  • EU except Spain is 0%
  • US is 0%
  • Without tax nr you will be charged 4% sales-tax