About Hemelz Publishers

Hemelz ProBooks

Hemelz ProBooks is a publishing company specialized in:

  • Publishing (paper) books about spirituality, personal growth and self help.
  • Providing an eBook publishing service; ProBooks.eu Web Service.


  • Hemelz is selling books direct to bookstores, distributors, companies, with a minimum of 5 books (per title).
  • Regular distribution Netherlands & Belgium by Centraal Boekhuis.
  • Regular distribution rest of the world (English and Spanish publications) Ingram Spark network, Amazon.
  • Direct purchasing by the end user (reader) every bookstore, Bol.com, IngramSpark and Amazon.
  • Direct purchasing of our eBooks: www.probooks.eu


  • The ProBooks eBook Publishing Web Service is a separate service, available for all publishers and authors.
  • ProBooks publishes eBooks free of ‘hard’ DRM. Instead we use award winning Booxtream® personalization and watermarking techniques.
  • ProBooks eBooks can be read on all devices, readers, tablets
  • More information: www.probooks.eu