Book of Abundance - money power love
Book of Abundance - money power love

Book of Abundance

Money Power Love

The Secret of Spiritual Abundance 

Bring abundance into your life… on every level… The book of Abundance is about the secret behind money, power, and love. It is about the three laws of nature, which together form the driving force behind the elements that seem to be present in everybody’s daily lives.
Lack and abundance are not “chance” circumstances that just happen to you… Our future is decided by conscious thought, and more importantly conscious knowledge of the three laws of nature dealing with money, power, and love. By understanding Money, Power and Love, we are all able to create an eternal flow of life-spirit, abundance and love in the world. It also reveals the connection between love, power and money that you previously never thought possible. Money power love is one of the most spellbinding concepts of life.

Success and abundance is within reach of everyone. From the very first time Money Power Love was a smash hit. It led to spontaneous new insights and it has been an eye-opener for many.



Bas Buis and Sunny Nederlof are metaphysical and spiritual counselors and inspire their students and readers in the field of healing, and inner wisdom.

I read the book twice, learned a lot and incorporated it all, with perfect results! Evelien Ballantine, South-Africa

Never thought a book was able to change my thoughts and ideas about love, power and money. One of the best books ever! Koos Min.

This book works like a mirror… it changed our lives. Riky, Australia.

Reading your book right now and I love it! Anne, Brussels, Belgium.

This book is the first in many years I finished in one day! Lot of recognition and confrontation… and even tears. Sandra Ruben, the Netherlands

This fantastic book teaches you, clear and simple, what you are worth. It gives a lot of insight. Recommended!
Marcel van der Wiel, Consultant


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